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The vampire looked out at the gyrating bodies, the resounding beat pounding in his ears, he searched for his next treat. The Vampire stood in shadow, his dark clothes blending in; he was wearing tight black, jeans, black boots, a fitted black Tee, and a black long sleeve shirt over top. His messy black hair gleaming in the flashing lights, and his green eyes flashing through the darkness, the tall vampire observed the crowd. Suddenly he caught a flash of white in the corner of his eye, he turned and grinned, revealing long, white, fangs. A beautiful, young girl was dancing in the middle of the crowd, she had shiny, black hair, a small, lightly muscled body, and the vampire noted breast that was meant for squeezing. The vampire was gripped by a powerful emotion, one he had not felt in a long time, he truly wanted the girl, more then anything he had wanted in centuries.

He began to make his way through the crowd, the humans moving out of his way, he came up behind the girl and lightly placed his hands on her hips. The girl started and turned around, the top of her head barely reached the vampire's chin, so they girl had to look up. The vampire almost sighed at what utter perfection the girl was, creamy pale skin, juicy red lips, and big, innocent, blue eyes stared up at him. The vampire read the girls mind; she truly was an innocent, untouched by the world's filth of a lover's hand. It pleased a primal part of the vampire that the girl would be his and his alone, after he claimed her tonight, another part felt guilty that a monster like him would taint the innocence with darkness. However, his instincts could not be tamed, he would have this girl tonight and nothing would stop him. The girl looked at him for a minute, she didn't say anything, when finally she reached some kind of conclusion and turned around, continuing to dance. The little tease began grinding her butt against the vampire. So he wants to play? The vampire grinned again, something he hadn't done in a long time, and gripped the girl's hips harder he ground his hard cock, into the girl's pert butt. The girl stilled for a moment as if unsure of whether she really knew what she was doing, the vampire probed her mind again and saw the girl was excited, but tentative, unsure of if she really wanted what the vampire was planning to give her. The vampire considered what to do, take charge or wait and let the girl decide? When the girl began to move again, her dance seductive and intoxicating to the vampire.

They danced for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes; at one point the girl lifted her arm and hooked it around the vampires neck. The vampire salivated at all smooth, pale, skin and the delicate veins underneath, so close to her mouth. He kissed the girls inner arm and pulled her closer, he stroked his hands up and down the girl's body, resting one on her flat stomach, and the other on her upper thigh. The vampire bent down and began to kiss the girl, he placed kisses on her cheek, and then moving down over her face, until finally reaching her neck, he sucked hard. The girl had her head thrown back, resting it on the vampire's shoulder, her eyes were closed and she moaned in ecstasy, that only the vampires keen hearing could pick up. Grazing his fangs along the girl's neck he pulled back, and straightened to his full height, he took the girl's arm from his neck. The vampire kissed the girl's palm and held the small hand, in his darker, larger ones; the girl opened her eyes and lifted her head from the vampire's shoulder frowning in confusion.

The girl turned and looked at the vampire, cupping the girl's cheek the vampire placed a light kiss on the beautiful girls lips. The vampire pulled back and spoke into the girls mind, "We are getting out of here." The girl's eyes widened in shock, she stared up at the vampire, not giving the girl time to refuse, he began to pull her through the crowd. Just as they reached the door, the clubs owner, a tall, dark man, stepped in front of them. Growling the vampire recognized his rival, the other vampire gave him a wicked grin and spoke to the beautiful girl.

"Hello Angel, my name is Bert and I assure you it would be much safer for you if you were to come with me now and not my friend here."

The man spoke with a slight Italian accent, and oozed charm, the girl looked up at the vampire, uncertainty in her gaze. The vampire growled in anger, annoyed that his rival had managed to damage the progress he had made with the girl.

"Leave, Bert. I am not in the right frame of mind to deal with your nonsense this century." His voice was gravelly, and rush, and not oozing false charm as his rivals did, the vampire's voice was commanding, and erotic, it brought to mind sinful things, and made you want the vampire to do everything and anything to you.

"Tsk, tsk. You're not going to keep such a pretty treat to yourself are you?"

The vampire dropped the girls hand and moved aggressively forward, he got in his rivals face and stared the shorter vampire down, waves of male domination, primal anger, and ownership, emanating from his tightly coiled body. "She is mine Bert." The other vampire stared into the green eyes of his rival before nodding and stepping aside. The vampire grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her through the door out into the night, the last thing the girl heard was a mocking voice.

"Have fun…"


Vampire Fun Ch1 by MasterKitty19

/ / / / ©2013-2017 MasterKitty19
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